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Why EquipHer?
A Networking Event For Women


We believe that businesswomen are some of the most underserved members of the Christian community. So, we have created an event in Las Vegas, NV specifically designed to educate, encourage, and excite women who have a desire to leave an impactful legacy through their business endeavors.

EquipHer will not only help unlock your talents and gifting to accelerate your career, but will also serve as an opportunity to network with high profile entrepreneurs, influencers, and business leaders, from a variety of different business sectors, and glean from their individual success stories.

Pastor Wendy Perez and Carrie Pasch are excited to partner together to host a one-of-a-kind event that is specifically curated for women in the business world.

We are confident you will leave this event in feeling equipped with new insights, connections, and most of all, a sense of community and individual success stories.

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